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xxxl wip sound from Vadim Marchenkov on Vimeo.

birthday from Vadim Marchenkov on Vimeo. Hellhound challange

 I didn't like the fisrt variant and decided to introduce another character.
I liked the idea of the dog's creepy master, some kind of apocaliptic reaper )

 Glory days expansion banner WIP

 Lineage 2 event banner wip

Lineage 2 event banner

Lineage 2 event banner

   Another timelapse of my work process, this one is an illustration for a short story in Lineage universe, for my curret job ^_^  

Portrait sketch

Here's a step by step progress of my older piece (took me some two weeks in evenings to finish)

I always flip the canvas to keep a fresh view on the work 
(this time I kinda liked it flipped more than initial and decided to stick to this variant)

Lasso tool & pen tool +air brush for further detailing (works best for tech stuff imho)

Gradually building up detail, working B&W to be sure that values work fine

Got rid of some elements to add foreground objects

Coloring in Hard light, soft light, overlay blending layers

Didn't like the atmosphere, so I replaced the clouds and came up with a more gloomy color scheme. And also I didn't like the pier absorbing way too much space and attracting unnecessary attention while being quite a boring element. So I left more space for water and lowered the shore level. 

In the end I painted a couple sci-fi flying things to enforce perspective and add some live and story to the piece. Currently I feel that the focus of the image came out being scattered and there are too many distracting elements, but still that was a nice practice.

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