Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Moon seaker"... I guess .. omg so cheesy -.-

Doodling with some new brushes and testing some techniques for an hour or two resulted in... this.. it's loose raw and unpolished, kinda like it )) 


"Inquisitor" illustration for mobile card game "Leap of Faith", base card

Mad scientist

"Mad scientist" illustration for the mobile card game "Leap of Faith", card upgrade

Mad scientist origin

"Mad scientist" illustration for the iOS card game "Leap of Faith", base card

Lineage 2 wallpaper art

Illustration for LA2 wallpapperm copyright "Innova Systems"

Cat dance

Another illustration piece for LA2 universe


An illustration piece, that I did for an ingame Lineage 2 event, copyright "Innova Systems" 

Dragon hunt

Dragon hunt... or something like that)